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Covid-19 Relief Work
Covid-19 has posed unprecedented challenge for all of us and particularly those who have been traditionally marginalized and neglected. The old, ill and the migrant workers are the most affected ones. In this time of crisis, Vigyan Foundation is currently engaged in Covid-19 Relief work in Lucknow as well as Allahabad. At Lucknow, we have formed a Whatsapp group by the name of Support Group Lko Covid-19. Through the group we are coordinating relief work for the urban poor, migrant and homeless. Regular fund raising and reaching out to the distressed through dry ration, cooked food, masks, soaps and sanitary pad is being done. In case you are interested and want to contribute, do drop us a mail at vigyanfoundation@gmail.com or follow us at our facebook page.
Child Healthcare Project
Story of Rubeena

This is the story of Rubeena. She is 7 years old. She gets up early in the morning to go to her school which starts at 7.30 am. She is very happy. She lives in a small thatched house in Akbar Nagar Old. Her mother Madeena Khan is a domestic worker who works as a cook for children attending the Islamic religious school called Madarsa and earns Rs 1500 per month. Her father Naseem Ali is dead and the responsibility to look after the entire family lies with Madeena. Rubeena has a younger brother who is 4 years old. Last year, Rubeena was admitted in Eram Model School but had to leave her school in mid-session as her house was completely destroyed during the rainy season. Madeena took debt to re-build her house and in the process of re-paying the debt, was unable to pay Rubeena’s school fee. This year too, she remained out of school as her mother was out of money. The issue of children dropping out of school was discussed in the mahila mandal meeting. The members decided to support Madeena financially to re-build her house while they requested Vigyan Foundation to support in the school fee for Rubeena. The key mahila mandal leaders and Vigyan staff identified out of school/drop-out children in the intervention area and then motivated their parents to manage the school dress, fee or the stationery. Finally 225 out of school children and drop outs were admitted in the school out of which 4 children, including Rubeena were admitted with partial support from Vigyan Foundation & Action Aid.

Rubeena was re-admitted in nursery in Eram Model School. Madeena being a member of saving group took loan from her saving group named Saheli bachat samooh and from that money bought Rubeena’s school books.

Today Rubeena is back in school and is also a member of Baal Club.

She says, “I love going to school. It’s nice to be with my friends. I will become a teacher one day.”

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