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Covid-19 and impact
School Chalo Abhiyaan to ensure universal enrolment in schools

Under the same, in order to ensure 100 percent enrolment of children of intervention area, a district level School Chalo Rally is organized every year in close collaboration of the Education Department. In 2014, a 5 days Jattha yatra was organized under the program Sashakta Bachpan in which total of 12 SMC members from 12 different Govt. primary Schools took part voluntarily. he total duration of Jattha was 5 days, in which all the SMC members were made to stay at night at any one selected village (which is not their own village), and had made to eat food in the community’s home; which not only contributed in increasing harmony among pupil from different caste and gender but also supported in increasing the feeling of brotherhood in the community; as all the Jattha members were from different castes, cultures and backgrounds.

Before the campaign total of 720 out of schools and dropout children were identified in the intervention area; but by the end of the Jattha over 750 children were enrolled in the nearby government primary schools.

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