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Behtar Siksha Haq Abhiyan

The SMC reformation activity took place under Behtar Siksha Haq Abhiyan Campaign in which the whole SMC reformation process took place in total of 3 phases.

These 3 phases were-

Pre formation phase- in this the awareness was spread in the intervention area about the SMC reformation process. With the same the information regarding the provisions underlying the GO for the same, the process of whole formation and the role of community in the same has been wide spread in the community. Printed IEC under the program was also been distributed in the intervention area for spreading the authentic information in the community related to the reformation process.

Reformation Phase in which the reformation was done in open meetings with the presence of over 100 parents/guardians in each school of intervention area including our CBO members in each school of intervention area. The president and vice president of the SMC have been chosen in the same as per the GO being released by Education Department for the same.

Post formation Phase-this phase consisted of orientation of newly reformed SMC members on their roles and responsibilities so that they can work more effectively in their schools with full knowledge of their responsibility and accountability.

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