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Humse Hai Shaher Campaign

Asangathi Kaamgar Adhikar Manch undertook a campaign called Hum Se hai Shaher Abhiyan under which a ten day intensive campaign was organized in 11 cities of the state highlighting the issues of unorganized sector workers. The Campaign “Hum se hai Shaher” (Campaign for urban poor to live and work with dignity) in collaboration with 40 other networks, organizations and others who believe that the basic right to city of all urban poor has been utterly violated, to amplify the voices of the marginalized urban poor and to fight for an inclusive city for all urban poor to live and work with dignity. The campaign also aimed to seek support for the charter of demands and contribute towards creation of an enabling environment where Livelihood, Food Security & Housing for Urban Poor for a life with dignity could be ensured.

The Campaign essentially focused on the rights of the workers from the informal and unorganized sector and homeless in urban areas.The campaign was carried out in 11 cities of Uttar Pradesh with the rigorous efforts made by the Asangathit Kamgar Adhikar Manch, Uttar Pradesh and the Network of 40 Community based organizations, trade unions and individuals. Various activities were undertaken during the campaign in these cities i.e. public hearings, street play and signature campaigns, demonstration etc. were held in many places to seek support for the charter of demands during this campaign.

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