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Child Healthcare Project
Laborious schedule of Ram Guni…

“Hello. I am Ram Guni.  I am 30 years old. I and my husband have one school-going daughter named Palak (5 years) and one 2 months baby boy named Ankush. My husband Rajesh (33 years) is a mason by profession. Both of us are illiterate and are natives of Manihar village of Sitapur district.

I have been living along with my family in Jankipuram, Sector 6 for the last four years. I work as a daily wager to supplement my husband’s income as it is not sufficient to meet our family needs. We also send some money back home. I have to take my young son with me to work as there is no one to take care of him here. I wake up early in the morning at 5 a.m.  Then I complete all household work, prepare the food for my family, clean the house, fetch water and send my daughter to school. I then leave the house for daily waging along with my husband on his bicycle so as to reach the working place by 8 a.m. My neighbor takes care of my daughter when she comes back from school. She stays at her house by the time I return home at around 6 p.m. There are days when either both or one of us do not get work. Many times, I do not get work as the employers think I have a baby and would not be able to work actively. We wait for hours at the labour post in search of potential employer who needs our service. It becomes tougher during harsh summers and rainy season.

After coming home between 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm, I wash clothes, prepare food and do other house hold works. By the time I reside to bed at 11.00 pm I am too tired and fall asleep within minutes.  I am working to educate my children. I and my husband hope for a brighter future for our children.”

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