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Child Healthcare Project
Advocacy for the registration of labour under Building Construction Act 1996

Action aid and Vigyan Foundation have been working for realizing the rights of vast unorganized sector work force in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The major chunk of this sector comprises of construction workers.

Lucknow being forward on the development scale, has a number of construction projects under way. These construction workers work relentlessly without any safeguard and safety measures are generally over looked, leading to occurrence of several accidents and loss of lives. The acts have provision for compensation to labourers who are above 15 years of age whereas engaging minor children in this work is a common practice. There are more than 1 lakh construction workers in Lucknow.

In the Urban Area, proving one’s identity as a labourer is the major issue of construction workers and other unorganised workers. A campaign was started by Vigyan Foundation with the help of Action Aid for the registration of labour under Building Construction Act 1996. Normally the process of registration of workers under private companies has to be done by the company itself where as those who work independently have to be verified at the working spot by the labour inspector. The labourers have to submit a work experience of 90 days to the labour department. Along with this their age proof, address proof and a fee of Rs 100/- The primary obstacles in getting registered are:

  • Non availability of address proof for the migrant labourer

  • Non-provision of certificate by the builder or the employer to evade tax

  • Laxity on the part of labour inspector who seldom visit the labour posts or construction sites.

The major benefits of getting registered under Building Construction Act are as under:

Mother and child benefit schemes

Accidental Help Scheme

Maternity Benefit Scheme

Facilities provided for any kind of illness

Facilities to the children of registered employees

Facility for housing scheme

Health insurance

Aid for purchasing tool kit


With due effort, awareness campaigns and laisioning with labour department, the Dihari Mazdoor Sangathan with support from Action aid and Vigyan Foundation has successfully facilitated registration of 273 workers under Building Construction Act 1996.

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