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Child Healthcare Project
On the edge of becoming a Model School

In ward Mallahitola I there is a Musahabganj Primary school. In the same there are total of 352 students enrolled which do comes from economically weaker section of the society. There are total of 3 teachers in the school including Siksha Mitra. The school is good in every aspect of a model school except few basic points. 1st is the lack of appropriate teachers as per RTE Provision (1 teacher per 30 students) and 2nd is the Boundary wall of school, which is broken in between.

For the same, SMC president of Primary School Musahabganj, Mr. Sirajuddin says, here teachers are very hard working and also behaves well with children and community members. The only pitfall is that there is a lack of teachers as per student ratio. There should be at least 1 teacher for each class, so that quality education can be ensured in the school. Teachers do cooperate a lot to each other in order to teach students well and make them able to learn as per their class.

In addition to the same, he said, if the boundary wall of the school is repaired then no street animal can enter the school premises which will again help in ensuring quality education to children, because when street animals enter the school premises children do engage in making the animal out of their premises, which hinders their continuity. Not only this, street animals do make school premises dirty with their shits, which again becomes a pitfall in making school a model one. There is a primary school at Musahibganj it committed to fulfill all the needs and requirements of the students.

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