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Head Teacher helped in eradication of community based discrimination

Mr. Rajinder, with his wife and 2 children lives in village Anaurakala of Gram panchayat Anaurakala of Block Chinhat, Lucknow. He belongs to Nomads community. His both children used to earn education in Primary School Anaurakala. In the year 2013, when SMC is reformed, Mr. Rajindar has been elected as the SMC president with the consent of majority pupil present at the reformation time. Each month SMC meetings are being conducted in which Mr. Rajindar along with other SMC members takes active participation. But due to his belongingness to Nomads community, other community members used to do discrimination with him. They do not like to sit with him. By getting fed of this behaviour from other community members Mr. Rajindar decided to withdraw from his position of SMC President.

After looking to this situation, the head teacher of Primary School Anaurakala Mrs. Kusum intervened into the matter. She requested all other SMC members to not to do any discrimination with any person on the basis of caste, gender, colour or gender. After many pleadings, other members understood her talks and promised the head teacher to not follow the discriminatory practices again with any other caste pupil.

After the same, all other SMC members regretted to Mr. Rajinder for doing discrimination with him and requested him not to resign from his post. After many pleadings, Mr. Rajindar did not resigned from his post and is now performing his duties and responsibilities with full activeness and dutifulness.  

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