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Resisting teacher’s involvement in discriminatory practices

Goldi is a 12 year old girl gaining education as a student of Class 5 in Primary School Gajipur Balram located in the Faijullah Ganj II ward of Lucknow district. She lives in nearby Slum Daud Nagar with her Father, Mother and 7 siblings. Her father is a labour and her mother is a home maker. With the same, her mother is a member of Education Alliance group being formed in the Daud Nagar Slum by the Sashakta Bachpan Project.

There are total of 240 students belonging to SC community gaining education with the help of 2 teachers and 2 Shiksha Mitra. Once, a teacher made Goldi to pour water in the toilet after being used by her (Teacher). Goldi poured the water and didn’t complain to anyone at home in order to avoid any dispute among the teachers and her parents.

But next day again teacher asked Goldi to put water again in the toilet after her use. This time, Goldi complained about this to her parents. As her mother was an Education Alliance member she told the whole case to the SMC President of Primary School Gajipur Balram Mrs. Shyamawati.

After listening to the same, Mrs. Shyamawati took Goldi and her mother to the school and warned teacher for not following this practice again. This time, teacher regretted for her this act and promised SMC President that this will not happen again in future.

After few days, teacher again asked Goldi to put water in the toilet after her use and also scolded Goldi not to tell about this to anyone this time or otherwise she will beat her. This time also she shared the whole situation with her mother and to the SMC President.

This time Mrs. Shyamawati again went to school and said to the teacher that if this type of case happened again then she will not come to the teacher to warn her about her acts; rather she will go the higher authorities to inform on the same.

Teacher again said sorry for her acts and again promised to not to follow the act again.

But this behavior of the teacher is still continuing. SMC President wrote many letters to the NSA and BSA for the same and is waiting for their response till yet.

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