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Child Healthcare Project
Welfare scheme comes to rescue for Prema

Prema is a resident of Vineet Khand slum area in Lucknow. Ten years ago, she migrated from Chitri village of Sitapur District along with her family. She started living on a plot owned by Lucknow Development Authority. She started working as a domestic help while her husband worked as a daily wage construction worker (painter). In due course of time, the couple had 5 children.  Life was moving on a smooth pace. Then one early morning in December 2012, her husband met with an accident and died. Prema was barely managing her family. She was shocked. The family did not even have money for the last rites.  The Morcha leaders contributed and her husband was cremated. Life now became an uphill task for Prema. In the same period she lost work from two out of the four households where she used to work as domestic help. She was facing a huge financial as well as emotional crisis. No member of her family came out to help. The morcha members acted as her extended family. Incidentally, Prema’s husband was registered under the Construction workers act. The Vigyan Staff there thought of getting her the benefit from one of the schemes for the labour card holders named Mrityu Sahayta Yojana under which if a registered construction worker dies, a relief amount is given to his/her family. Unfortunately, Prema did not have death certificate as her husband died on a highway and post mortem too was not done.

Prema approached the local corporator Mr Dinesh Yadav and briefed him about the incident. Then he wrote a letter stating about the death of her husband. This letter was then taken to the Mubnicipal Corporation. There too, the clerk in charge asked for identity and residence proof which Prema did not have. Finally after much persuasion, the application was submitted and on the 7th day, a death certificate was issued.  This was then attached to the relief scheme form and within 20 days Prema received a cheque of Rs 38,000/- which she got fixed in the bank.

This came as a big relief to Prema. She re-started her life. Her two children were admitted in government school with the help of Vigyan staff. Now Prema is leading a more confident life.

She says, “My life was shattered. I had nowhere to go. Morcha people became my real family. I am now hopeful for my life and my children.”  

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