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Child Healthcare Project
Stopping forceful eviction and initiating the process of rehabilitation

The Annual Kumbh Mela is world famous. The area where this mela takes place is called Pared ground. This Pared ground is on cantonment land. Almost 18 slums are located on this pared ground where around 1500 HH are located. During last Kumbh Mela in the year 2000, 3-4 slums were completely bulldozed. Consequent to this, a Public Interest Litigation was filed and High Court gave a stay order to stop slum eviction.

This year too, in 2013, the newspapers reported of eviction order of those slums. The urban poor alliance-Shehri Gareeb Sangharsh Morcha contacted the Mela administration, District Magistrate, Commissioner and Cantonment office and submitted a memorandum attaching the copy of the High Court stay order. After this, news of stopping of eviction order was also published in the newspapers.

A survey of Sangam Area Slums was conducted by DUDA and Tehsil in which a total of 953 families were identified. When the morcha leaders and Vigyan staff had a look on the list, they found that 4-5 slums were missing altogether. Moreover, many families too were left out. The morcha leaders then facilitated the visit of SUDA director to all of these 18 slums and he was briefed about the anomalies in the list. The Director asked the morcha to support in the slum list rectification. On this all the slums were re-surveyed and 1200 families were finally identified.

This list was accepted by DUDA. Due to morcha’s active role and pro-poor High Court order, no slum was finally evicted.  Though there were minor efforts from the side of government to evict three slums in the name of road widening and helipad construction, namely Minto Park, Dashashmedh ghat slum etc. It has been finally decided to rehabilitate 233 dwellers of Minto Park under BSUP housing scheme.

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