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Construction of Community Toilet in Sanjay Nagar

Sanjay Nagar slum is located on the disputed land of Railway and Municipal Corporation in Allapur. There are 125 families in total, with a population of 736 persons. Around half of the families work as sanitation workers (sweepers). Since the land is disputed, any public construction is prohibited. Even though the slum figures in the DUDA slum list, still there has been no development over here. Many a times, residents made efforts with the support of local corporators, but each time, they were turned back and asked for permission from the railway. However, with the support of the MLA of the region, road, street light and water supply pipeline have been laid covering half the slum. There was an urgent need for toilet for this slum as all the residents had to go for open defecation. The Morcha leaders were informed of an order of the Rashtriya Safai Karmchari Aayog regarding construction of community toilets in those slums which are predominantly inhabited by sanitation workers.

Accordingly applications were sent and pursued. The slum committee called a big meeting in which all morcha leaders from Sanjay Nagar participated. Through mutual agreement, a common place for the toilet was identified and now a community toilet is being constructed in Sanjay Nagar. Though a single community toilet would be insufficient to cater to the needs of all 125 households, still they will get relief from going into open, especially during rainy season and also the danger of getting injured through running train will be lessened for sure.

The construction of community toilet is the third success in row for Morcha, preceded by road and drainage. Now the Morcha leaders are pursuing two demands-one to develop poor housing colony on the vacant land available in the slum itself and second to construct a community hall in the area which can be used for social purposes. The morcha leaders are jubilant.

Dinesh, the basti committee leader says, “Let the government decide on the tenure status of our slum, we know it is our home, we will leave no stone untouched to developed our residence area. We are hopeful.”

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