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Trainings and Innovation

ü  Teachers Training on WASH Issues –
The Training program was organized  for teachers of different selected school government and private school. The purpose of this program was to provide technical knowledge and introduce  participant to current status of sanitation and drinking water in U.P. and mainly in schools and how to improve the condition what type of contribution  for  changing the scenario in our school and how to  changing the behaviour of children,

ü  World Water day-
We are celebrate world water day on 20 march 2015 with community members and children we are organized  nukkad natak in 6 Community and signature camp at GPO Hazratganj the objective of program  to aware people for save and safe drinking water and how to save drinking water in our level for future and also sensitized on hygiene issues .

ü  World Toilet day-
We are also celebrate world toilet day on 19 nov.2014 with Suuport of waterAid . we are organizing a rally with schools children and community members on Begam Hazratmahal park to Jhule lal park. The objective of Rally to create awareness for Sanitation issues.

ü  World hand WASH Week-
We are celebrate world hand wash week  and organized different  type of activities  like- signature camp at GPO hazratganj.and Art Competition in Regional science centre lucknow and prabhat fary in 5 community for awareness generation on hand washing importance and aware on different type of dieses due to hand washing and also learn hand washing steps and Personal  hygiene.    

ü  Capacity building on Slum WASH Committee members-
We are organizing 9 Capacity building program in different month and different community members and leaders for build their capacity on safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene issues and what is there role in committee and how to contribute in improve the condition of WASH  in our slum and  look the change.

ü  National Level Seminar on Civil Society Alliance for upscaling Sanitation Effort in Uttar Pradesh –
The seminar organized on 24-25 march2015 in Lucknow university  with joint collaboration on National Service scheme and  university of lucknow and department of social work and different INGO for upascaling the effort on sanitation issues and identify the gaps and how make Clean U.P. green U.P. and how to reach sanitation facility for every person. 


ü  SMC Convention- The main objective of this activity was to bring SMC members of all intervention schools at one big platform to raise their voices against their demands and needs. In the same, State Education Minister, Mr. Yogesh Pratap Singh had been invited as a chief guest; and a charter of demands duly signed by the respective SMC members has been given to the chief guest. As a result of this event, after a month an order has come for the availability of furniture for all children in schools and after 1 and a half month an order has come an electricity connection at all govt. primary schools.

ü  Cartoon Making on discriminatory practices at school level- There was a 5 days’ workshop has organized on cartoon making with total of 26 Baal Club members at Sahbhagi Sikshan Kendra, Lucknow from 15th to 19th April 2014 under the program Sashakta Bachpan.
The main objective of this workshop was to orient the selected Baal Club members to express their views on the issue of discrimination with the help of cartoon making in order to ensure their right to development and right to participation.

ü  Children’s Parliament- Under the same, in the year 2014, total of 70 children from PACS Program went to Raj Bhawan to see the Raj Bhawan and to meet Hon. Governor of U.P. Mr. Ram Naik. In the event children addressed their problems in front of Hon. Governor of U.P. Mr. Ram Naik; and requested him for the solution of the same at the earliest possible.

ü  Meeting with Mr. Gomti Yadav under Formation and Strengthening of Baal Club in schools- Under the activity, MP of Block Bakshi Ka Talab Mr. Gomti Yadav had been invited as the chief Guest in the school level Sammelan with the objective of sharing of school problems with him and seeking a solution to the same. In the same, Mr. Gomti Yadav committed to the children of Primary School Mohammadpur that he will take the responsibility for building of the school boundary wall.

In addition to the same, Mr. Mohan Yadav (Panchayat Member) promised to provide furniture to Primary School Mohammadpur.
Mr. Gomti Yadav, also promised to raise funds for additional boundary wall construction in 10 selected schools of intervention area from the current State Government.

ü  Exposure visit of Baal Club Members to various govt. and non govt. departments- Exposure visits at PHC, CHC, Railway Station, Bank, Police Station, Fire Station, Zoo and Regional Science City, which not only supports the building of cognitive development of children at school, their non cognitive mind also develops through these exposure visits. With the same, their thinking ability develops, they are exposed with the workings of various govt. departments, they learnt to write the letters to the resource person for thanking them for their support by which their writing skill also improves.


ü  Training of Alliance members on leadership- Two days training of Alliance members on the theme of Leadership Building under the program Sashakta Bachpan was organized at Sehbhagi Sikshan Kendra on 16th and 17th December 2013 with total of 25 Alliance Members in order to build leadership quality in them so that they can come as a second line of leadership in addressing community problems at the larger level. Objectives of the training:

A- Orient Alliance members on the various aspects of leadership
B- Build capacity of alliance members on leadership skill
C- Orient them on the procedures to address community problems at a larger level with leadership skill

ü  Training of Education Alliance members on eliminating discrimination- Training of Education Alliance members on eliminating discrimination has been organized by Vigyan Foundation in association with PACS program under the project Sashakta Bachpan. The training has been organized at selected slum/villages of Program intervention area with total of 369 participants. Objective of the training was to Orient Education Alliance members on understanding the factors and types of discrimination and the way of eliminating the same.

§  To orient Education Alliance members on identification of types of discrimination prevailing in their community

§  To build their capacity on elimination of discrimination in their community

§  To strengthen them to eliminate discriminatory practices in their daily lives


ü  Training of Baal Club members on Collage making on the theme of discrimination- Collage making activity has been organized by Vigyan Foundation in association with PACS Program under the project Sashakta Bachpan. The activity has been organized at selected 49 schools of project intervention area from 21st January to 21st February 2013, with the theme of discrimination.
To orient Baal Club members on the art of collage making
To enhance their understanding on identification of various kind of discriminations
To enhance their non cognitive development

ü  Training of Baal Club members on waste paper management (puppet making)- There was Waste Management Workshop has been organized, under the project Sashakta Bachpan with total 60 students of 12 selected schools of intervention area. The workshop has been organized at Panchayat Bhawan, Semra of Block Chinhat, Lucknow and Mr. B.D.Singh (Head Teacher, Hasanpur Khevali Primary School) has been appointed as the trainer for the same. The objective of the workshop is to make Baal Clubs learn the art of making puppets and the method of conducting puppet shows.
To orient Baal Club members of selected government primary schools on the basics of ensuring school waste management through participatory techniques.
To introduce those Baal Club members on the preparation of puppets through waste   paper.
To orient Baal Club members on learning the art of doing/ conducting puppet shows.

ü  Training of Baal Club members on Baal Akhbar preparation- Baal Clubs have been formed at the school level in Government Primary Schools. These Baal Clubs have been formed in order to ensure right to participation and right to development of children and to enhance them to raise children’s voices. Especially children from weaker section have been kept in the Baal Clubs.

With the objective of strengthening Baal Club groups, a 4 day workshop has been planned in Primary School Gajipur Bastauli with total of 22 Baal Club members, with Mr. Adiyog as a resource person.
This training has been kept on orienting Baal Club members to raise their voices against discrimination and to attain their rights.


ü  Training of SMC members on SDP Preparation- 3 days training of SMC members on SDP preparation has been conducted in support with the State Level SMC trainers of the Education Department. SDPs of total 81 Primary Schools is ready with all the needs and requirements being incorporated in the same.


ü  Exposure visit of Baal Club members to various govt. and non-govt. departments.

ü  Raising demands in district level Sammelans/conventions


ü  Tree Plantation Campaign in total of 58 Govt. Primary Schools in order to make school environment student friendly and appropriate for children. In the same, various community stakeholders have been invited to take participation in the campaign to that they can meet school children and can get aware of their needs and requirements so that they can also help them with their needs and necessities.

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